SmartHR Mobile Attendance

HR Mobile Attendance App

SmartHR Mobile Attendance APP is a unique mobile attendance application, record the attendance of your sales team/ off site employees/ in house employees accurately without any additional equipment, download the application and start using it today. No more standing in queue to mark attendance in biometric devices.

Through SmartHR Mobile Attendance App once the sign in button is pressed the GPS location coordinates of the employees will be traced, along with the photograph of the location. This is to confirm that employee is present at the location.

All the data will be uploaded on SmartHR application instantly. The application is workable without internet as well, all the GPS location along with the photograph data will be recorded in the application and as the employee is in Wi-Fi zone the data is going to be synced to SmartHR Application.

Also, all data and attendance report along with timings also the overtime can be imported into excel format for all the individual employees. SmartHR Mobile Attendance App is fully integrated with SmartHR application so you would have access to complete attendance management and reports available on SmartHR.

The beauty of the application is, it can be integrated with the existing biometric machine installed.


  • Supports both IOS and Android Phones
  • Does not require internet to mark attendance and synchronization can be done anytime
  • Supports geofencing so employee attendance can get marked automatically within the office premises and outside geofencing can be configured for workflow approvals.
  • Job or project information can be recorded during the attendance marking.
  • Fully integrated with SmartHR application.
  • Customisable to meet your business requirements
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