Training Management

Employee Training Management Software

Training programs can be entered with future dates which allows managers to track progress of employees through these programs, examine the results of courses taken and reschedule specific courses when needed. The smart HR training management software can take control of scheduling and training employees for various business operations. The software solution can assure a more accurate and timely training process for employees in an automatic manner. We deliver the smart product for all businesses also in Brisbane, Australia.

The module tracks the trainer or training organization, costs associated with training schedules. The module also tracks training locations, required supplies and equipment and registered attendees.

All employees are linked to a skills profile. The skill profile lists the skills brought with them and acquired through training after they were hired. The skills profile is updated automatically through the training module.

Key Features

  • Automatically update employee skill profile with skill levels acquired on completion of training
  • Detail training course database, including syllabus, objectives, target audience, duration,
  • expected outcomes, instructors, measurement criteria, and internal or external conducted
  • Overall Training Plan management
  • Training & Facility Schedules
  • Course and Instructor Ratings reporting
  • Attendance Listing
  • Training result reporting
  • Periodic training schedule, including capacity of each class and quota for branch, division, department, section, etc
  • Define competence requirements for instructors to teach an event and search for those people who match requirements at time of booking
  • Register training participants and confirm attendance