Smart Employee Self Service

ESS Software Solution

Paper-based time off requests, beneficiary updates, and pay stubs are becoming a thing of the past. Technology has made HR a self-service function in the small and mid-size business sector. The smart ESS software solution will manage all employee data processing in a simple way. The Employee Self Service Software is more reliable, accurate, and custom-friendly. The software can improve your payroll processing for all businesses in Brisbane, Australia.

The HR ESS software keeps track of the company’s benefits and compensation data, allowing employees to view the status of their accrued leave, make time-off requests, or make necessary changes to their contact or benefits information -- all without phone calls or emails to HR personnel. And allowing employees to key in the information themselves online helps boost productivity, too. There are no more forms to fill out in triplicate.

Key benefits

Improved employee satisfaction: Keep employees informed and engaged with automated communications – directly to their computers, handhelds and mobile phones.
Improved HR data: Ensure your central HR systems have the latest employee information without costly paper based data gathering exercises.
Secure: Opted in and secure communications.
Lower Cost: More cost effective than HR staff calling individuals.
Measurable: No estimates or guess work – you will know precisely if your employee saw your communication and when and how they responded to it.
Targeted: Smart Employee Self Service has a tightly controlled targeting which means the right person receives the right notification and that only authorised people have the rights to send to wide audiences.
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