Social Engaged WiFi Service

Smart Social WiFi Service

Our Social Engagement Hotspot Device is far more than just FREE WiFi, It's a Revolution in Lead Generation and Social Marketing! Launch advertising campaigns that bring a better return on investment than traditional marketing.

  • Landing pages with offer across UAE branches can be displayed
  • A Small video can be played as soon as they login
  • Social Login & Capture

Customers Provide Your Business with Valuable Re-marketing Data and Advertising Demographics. Know Your customers Like Never Before! Capture customers' feedback about your restaurant, your services, or your customer service in near real-time.

  • Discover exactly who your customers are Simple Wi-Fi access is just the start. By connecting this way, we can offer you a wealth of data, including your customers' social profile. Each 'like' helps you build up a better picture of your customers, meaning you can communicate with them much more effectively. Send marketing messages to customers within minutes of them leaving your establishment
  • Reward top influencers and tailor your promotions and offers to specific demographics
  • We develop APIs for specific client requirements - enabling integration with individual CRM solutions